0.4.2 (2014/01/05)

  • Fix packaging issues
  • Small bugfix for older Tesseract versions

0.4.1 (2013/12/25)

  • Fix ‘spread’ tool
  • Include missing vendor package in distribution

0.4 (2013/12/25)

  • Use chdkptp utility for controlling cameras with CHDK firmware
  • Fix instability when shooting with CHDK cameras
  • Shoot images in RAW/DNG file format (experimental)
  • Remove download step, images will be directly streamed to the project directory
  • Remove combine plugin, images will be combined in capture step
  • Device driver and plugins, as well as their order of execution can be set interactively via the configure subcommand, which has to be run before the first usage.
  • Lots of internal API changes

0.3.3 (2013/08/28)

  • Fix typo in device manager that prevent drivers from being loaded

0.3.2 (2013/08/24)

  • Fixes a critical bug in the devices drivers

0.3.1 (2013/08/23)

  • Fixes a bug that prevented spreads to be installed

0.3 (2013/08/23)

  • Plugins can add completely new subcommands.
  • GUI plugin that provides a graphical workflow wizard.
  • Tesseract plugin that can perform OCR on captured images.
  • pdfbeads plugin can include recognized text in a hidden layer if OCR has been performed beforehand.
  • Use EXIF tags to persist orientation information instead of JPEG comments.
  • Better logging with colorized output
  • Simplified multithreading/multiprocessing code
  • CHDK driver is a lot more stable now

0.2 (2013/06/30)

  • New plugin system based on Doug Hellmann’s stevedore package, allows packages to extend spreads without being included in the core distribution
  • The driver for CHDK cameras no longer relies on gphoto2 and ptpcam, but relies on Abel Deuring’s pyptpchdk package to communicate with the cameras.
  • Wand is now used to deal with image data instead of Pillow
  • New ‘colorcorrection’ plugin allows users to automatically correct white balance.
  • Improved tutorial

0.1 (2013/06/23)

  • Initial release
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